“I believe the work I did with Linda Pillsbury and the EMDR process saved my sanity, if not my life. Having  been in and out of therapy all my adult life trying to come to terms with the chronic childhood abuse I grew up with at the hands of my paranoid, schizophrenic mother, I was deeply depressed and sick and tired of being sick and tired - I just didn't want to live anymore. From the first visit, I knew I could trust Linda and always felt safe whatever was coming up during a session. She was always professional and keenly intuitive. At the same time, she was warmly human and deeply understanding. She held the space in the sessions with loving kindness and compassion and let me set the pace of my healing process. Slowly, yet surely, I desensitized and reprocessed my traumatic childhood and found a new way to be myself that has held for me. I have a past, instead of being trapped in the past. In my opinion, Linda Pillsbury is a "one in a million," both as a professional and as a person.”

“I was getting ready for a series of very important interviews while struggling with a variety of personal issues. I had just a one-time Skype session with Linda and she was able to expertly hone in on the things that were bothering me--and, moreover, she facilitated my finding my own true answers to my fears. I consider my meeting with Linda a transformational moment in helping me feel ready to bring my best self to my interviews. (And incidentally, they went great!)”

“Please accept my wholehearted gratitude for the treatment you provided to me a few years ago. I’m sorry this thank you is so late in coming; however, from today’s perspective I can attest to the invaluable change your therapy has made in my life. I first became acutely interested to know more about you and your approach when several individuals I referred to you returned to my office with overwhelmingly positive feedback about the treatment. They said that in addition to you being the best therapist they had ever seen, their time with you went way beyond their expectations. After only a couple of sessions, they were already feeling better! They were hopeful for the first time in a long time! I had never heard such glowing reports about any health care provider or any treatment before.

“When I came to you for my own therapy, I had only a slight idea of what to expect from EMDR, but I was hopeful that what worked for others could help heal me from traumatic experiences in my recent past. Like others I heard from, working with you on my issues went above and beyond my expectations. Your consistently kind and supportive manner put me at ease immediately and helped me feel safe enough to move forward. In every interaction your expertise and integrity clearly showed that you care and that I had a reason to hope. Not only did you help me clear away overwhelming feelings of distress, anxiety, and grief I felt about a recent situation, the benefit of your treatment extended back into the distant past to traumas I had experienced 20 years prior. Although I thought that the work I had done since those traumatic events had brought about the resolution I needed, I didn’t how much more healing was possible until your treatment. After only a handful of sessions I no longer carried the heavy emotional weight of those long past events. Overall I was less depressed and felt more empowered about the past, present, and future.

“Your care helped me move on to a better job and to release the pain of traumatic memories that had contributed to dysfunctional processes in my mind, in my body, and in relationships. I recommend your therapy to people who have survived traumatic experiences, those who dislike the idea of therapy that requires discussing painful issues in detail, and those who feel stuck in patterns they would like to change.

“Thank you for your generous support and expert care.”

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